4 Home Improvement Skills Every Flipper Should Master


There are certain jobs you should know because the skills can come in handy at some point. You may be unable to find someone else to do it, the job may be too small to justify hiring someone else or you may just run out of money before the renovation is finished. Here are 4 skills you must know when you’re in the flipping business.


In order to paint, you just need paint, a paint roller, a paint pan and a paint brush. A 2 ½ inch wide paint brush is the ideal size since it’s neither too big nor small. You can either start with the bulk of the wall and finish off with the corners and edges or you can do the opposite. Watch video tutorials on how to do things like cutting in so you don’t have to tape off the edges. When painting textured walls, use slow steady motions. This allows the paint to enter the deeper parts of the texture so you don’t have to apply more coats. Low-quality paint could also mean having to apply more coats.

Basic Electrical Work

This doesn’t mean rewiring the whole house on your own. However, even a novice can easily learn how to replace electrical fixtures or install a ceiling fan. There are many video tutorials that you can use to find your way around electrical work. Many of these videos will give you a step by step guide on how to handle many things. If you have the time, you can even go through a few books on the same topics. Electrical work is however quite sensitive. There are people whose houses have burned down due to poor electrical work. Consult a professional if you’re not confident doing the work on your own.

Basic Plumbing Work

Plumbing can consume a lot of money even for a relatively simple job. Obviously, soldering something like copper is a much harder skill to learn but you don’t have to. Products such as sharkbite have made extremely easy to connect your copper pipes at home. Another solution is to go for material such as PEX. It’s cheaper than copper and a whole lot easier to work with. These types of pipes are used in most cities even for supply lines. Learning how to work with these pipes is as easy as watching videos on YouTube and reading a few books.


Tiling is a relatively simple job. All you need to do is apply mortar and put the tiles on top. Naturally, there are one or two small details that you’ll want to take into account to achieve a better result but it’s nothing you can’t learn from a few YouTube videos. For the best results, take your time and use a level. Work with small batches of mortar to prevent wastage. You’ll need a tile saw so be sure to buy something of good quality. A good tile saw will last for years.

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