5 Top Tips For Selling Your Luxury Home


Considering there are so many first-time buyers on the market, at times it can feel difficult to sell a luxury home. You need to make sure that how you sell the property and the price that you market it at caters the right audience. If you market it too high, you need to justify reasons within the property that will appeal to the audience and what they get.

All of these thoughts may be running through your mind if this is the first time you’re selling a luxury property. Let’s face it, the higher the price of the property the smaller the pool of possible buyers. Although market trends are important, it’s all up to you to sell your luxury property and there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of selling. Here are some tips to get that document signed and the right price in your pocket.

Work With Luxury Realtors

Having a realtor with proven experience in selling luxury properties will be helpful in selling your quest to sell your luxury home. They’ll be able to highlight good aspects of the property that make it worthy of the price you’re selling it at. You need to make sure they’re clued up in pricing and advertising that offers a luxury standard. In order to find the right realtor for your property, consider networking with people you know that have previously sold luxury homes. Alternatively, only search for luxury real estate groups.

Consider A Stager To Make Your Property More Appealing

You want to make sure that the value of your property shines through as much as possible. This is where a professional stager can come of real use. The purpose of home staging is to make the house appealing to as many suitors as possible. They use staging techniques to make the property appealing and attractive for possible buyers when they come to view the house. The techniques they normally use come in the form of art, furniture, greenery, lighting etc.

Be Realistic With Your Pricing

Setting the correct price is crucial to how appealing your property will be to potential buyers. Price it too high and they could be put off. Price is too low and you might have just lost out on a bit of extra cash. It’s good to have effective communication with your realtor so that you can come to a reasonable middle ground that will benefit both of you. This is why having a luxury realtor at hand will be useful in ensuring they can highlight the valuable aspects of your property.

Think High-Quality And Quantity With Photos

Poor quality photos won’t sell the true value of your property. To get buyers interested in your property, you’ll need to invest a little bit more into marketing. Make sure that the pictures you post online are of extreme high-quality or even consider getting a photographer in to take the picture for you. You could also consider videos or virtual tours which will give buyers a better sense of how they would feel living on the premises. This will be valuable to foreign buyers in particular, as they might not have the time to personally view the house due to travel arrangements.

Scrap Public House Viewings

You need to show buyers that you’re being serious when it comes to providing a luxury property which is why the public open house should be avoided. Stick to appointment-only viewings so you know that those who book appointments will have a genuine interest in the property. Not only that, it brings a sense of exclusivity and privilege to buyers as there’ll only be a limited amount of viewers coming to the property.

Like selling a normal property, selling your luxury property requires special thought and consideration in order to sell your home quickly. It can also take a little bit of luck, but having a good foundation and the right approach, you can have a better chance of your selling property than not. There is always help at hand ranging from residential conveyancing solicitors to real estate agents to help ensure the process as smooth as possible and you get the best possible price.

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