6 Super Real Estate Trends


2020 is heading into spring now, and with a new season comes the desire to predict potential real estate trends that will shape the market over the next few months. Real estate agents and investment companies hope to keep a pulse on consumer desires, and this means selling properties that are modern and exciting.

We spoke to Zoom Property Buyer who are experts in getting you the best price for cash for your home about some current trends that are in demand?

Communal Kitchens

Communal kitchens are open and casual, yet are furnished with the most cutting-edge appliances. This is a trend that is expected to grow in popularity during 2020. Flexibility and comfort are key to the design of a flowing kitchen, striking down the barriers between food preparation, eating and recreational areas.

Fusion-Inspired Interiors

Combining the best of classic and contemporary design may define the real estate aesthetic of 2020. Buyers are attracted to stylish and comfortable spaces that incorporate old and new elements. Classic, rich decorating themes interspersed with modern and eclectic focal points are able to bridge the gap between retro-chic and modernity.

Underfloor Heating

An energy efficient form of central heating, this radiative climate control is expected to pop up in many more houses during 2020. Underfloor heating systems reduce utility bills, while keeping a house cozy and warm. This system reduces allergens, eliminates fire hazards and requires very little maintenance.

Solar Shutters

Energy efficiency is the name of the game for the 2020 real estate scene. Solar shutters not only help to maintain a cool interior during the hot days of summer, they actually harness the sun’s energy to convert into electricity. The externally facing shutter panels are coated in a photovoltaic covering, giving homeowners the ability to create and use their own electricity.

LED Lighting

In keeping with the green ethos of 2020 real estate trends, LED lighting is anticipated to spread in popularity. LED lighting solutions have become increasingly affordable and more mainstream. These light bulbs are cool to the touch, longer lasting than fluorescent bulbs and are mercury free.

Real Wood

Composites and alternative sources of building material have catapulted to a position of widespread popularity in the market. Many secured loans are spend on floor trends and Interestingly, real wood is expected to make a comeback during 2020 in a big way. However, don’t think for even a moment that buyers are straying from the “go green” real estate zeitgeist to follow this trend. Hardwood floors are being salvaged from sources such as discarded shipping pallets or sourced from sustainable forests.


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