Five Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Neighbourhood


A good neighbourhood makes a happy home for the whole family. An ideal location is one where your kids can play around outside and neighbours can wave one another good morning with a bright smile. So what should you consider when choosing a neighbourhood? Let’s put on our neighbourhood detective cap and start looking.

Safety First!

What’s the crime rate of the neighbourhood you’re considering? Is the neighbourhood safe for you, your spouse, and your kids? No matter how beautiful a neighbourhood is, if it has a high crime rate, then it’s not safe for you and your family. So start by researching the crime rates of every neighbourhood on your list. 

If you’ve made up your mind to live in a precise neighbourhood, stop by the local police station to ask questions about the safety of the neighbourhood. When you do, don’t ask questions about the current crime rates only. Find out if the neighbourhood has a lingering crime history like kidnapping, robbery, etc. Because a neighbourhood has a lesser crime rate at the moment doesn’t guarantee it’ll always be so in the next few years. But with a track record of the neighbourhood’s crime rate, odds are you’ll be able to predict or guess how safe the neighbourhood will be in the near future. If you know anyone in the area, ask them for their opinion as well.


Walkability is one of the key things you’ll have to consider before choosing any neighbourhood. If you’ll like to walk to places like the grocery store, restaurants, parks, gas stations, coffee shops, health services, dry cleaners, community centres, museums, etc, then you need to choose a neighbourhood with an impressive walking score. One of such neighbourhoods is Somerfield Newson Street. This neighbourhood is located just 8 minutes from the beach, 25 minutes to the CBD, and is surrounded by parklands, wetlands, walkways that include private playgrounds and sporting facilities. Walkability means convenience and a healthier lifestyle, so this consideration is especially valuable for families who find those two things important.

Transportation options and commute time

How fast can you commute around the neighbourhood? If you have to spend hours in traffic just to get to work, odds are you’ll experience stress more often than if you choose a city with less traffic. Also, consider the number of transportation option of each neighbourhood including taxis and trains. The more transportation option a neighbourhood has, the easier it’ll be to commute around.

Healthcare facilities

Sometimes the unexpected happens and you never know when you’ll need medical attention as soon as possible to save your life or the life of a loved one. A neighbourhood with a poor healthcare facilities isn’t good for you and your family. Healthcare facilities are absolutely crucial at every stage of life, especially if you have kids or if you’re close to retirement age. So when you’re house hunting or looking to rent, be on the lookout for neighbourhoods with good health care facilities including medical schools and hospitals.

Great schools

If you have kids or intend to have one anytime soon, then schools should be on the list of things you should consider before choosing a neighbourhood. Start by researching schools in your most preferred neighbourhoods and that should include public and private elementary, middle, and high schools.

Regardless of all the options you consider before choosing a neighbourhood, make sure you choose one that matches your lifestyle and with houses you can afford. There’s tons of safe and accessible neighbourhood options out there!

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