Guide to home improvement loans


With the right improvements, your home can be a much better place for you and your family and its value can also increase when you eventually sell it. There are different kinds of improvement that you can try out. Increase the floor space by building an extension or putting in a loft will almost likely increase the value of the property. You can also do some small improvements such as double glazing or doing some general upgrades. These can make the house more appealing to you and future buyers. However, you should also remember that the value of your property will be dictated by the market conditions when you decide to sell.

Getting money for home improvements

There are different ways of getting the money for a home upgrade. If you have some money saved up somewhere, you can simply dip into this to fund the upgrades. However, this may not be the best move because it may mean depleting your savings or risking the possibility of not having money for an emergency. If you have the discipline, you can also wait until you have enough money to fund the upgrades. However, waiting isn’t always an option. The other option is to get an unsecured personal loan. There are various lenders who can off you this. However, this loan will come with interest so ensure that you can comfortably afford to pay the loan before you go for it.

Find a good service provider

The next challenge once you have the money is to find a tradesperson who will do the job to your satisfaction. There are many options to choose from and not all will be worth your time. Ask for quotes for the job from different tradespeople and compare the available options. You won’t just be comparing the price but also the quality of work. Ideally, you should go with the best service provider and not the cheapest. You should also ask for a quote and not an estimate. Estimates leave too much room for a shocking bill at the end of the job.
The most important thing is to be able to gauge the quality of a tradesperson before giving them the job. There are various sites where tradespeople are reviewed and these can quickly tell you what to expect. You can also ask for references and even photos of work that the person has done in the past. If all else fails, you can also get in touch with one of the person’s past customers to see just how well they did the job.

Best loan to choose

If you’re looking for a loan to carry out some upgrades in your home, the common option is an unsecured personal loan. An unsecured loan isn’t tied to any of your asset such as your home. This is a short term loan that will be paid off in a few years at most. You don’t have to tap into your property’s equity to get the money for a home improvement project.

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