Is Deep Cleaning a Myth: What Does Deep House Cleaning Entail?


You may have heard the term “deep house cleaning” thrown around from time to time. It is mainly used to advertise professional cleaning companies like Maids of Jacksonville but does it actually mean anything.

Of course it does.

As the name implies, deep cleaning entails a thorough cleaning job of your house. Deep cleaning is necessary when the fingerprints on your glass cabinets are so persistent, they won’t come off. It is necessary when your oven is so dirty, it actually starts smoking. It is necessary when the dirt behind on your faucets won’t come off.

Simply put, it’s necessary when you neglect your home.

But hey, nobody’s judging. These are all our least favorite areas to clean. With our busy lives, the best we can usually do is some light dusting, vacuuming and polishing the bathroom.

That is why deep cleaning is necessary to get the dirt out of those parts of your home you tend to neglect or overlook. That is why, when it comes to deep house cleaning maids pay special attention to these areas, using potent products and powerful equipment able to get all that dirt out.

Regular Cleaning or Deep House Cleaning

A deep house cleaning is recommended at least once a year in order to make sure no persistent dust, grime or debris stick around. This will create a much healthier and cleaner environment for all the members of your family. Homeowners usually do this during the now-traditional spring cleaning. But there’s no reason not to have it the winter, summer or fall.

However, deep cleaning can prove to be a tiresome undertaking for any homeowner. That is why professional cleaning companies often advertise their deep cleaning services the most – they are the most likely to appeal to any homeowner.

Professional cleaning companies also do this job better than anyone, simply because they have the experience, the tools, and the products to make your home 100% clean.

During deep cleaning, professional companies tackle those areas that tend to be the most neglected, such as:

  •        Behind kitchen appliances, washing machines, and ovens
  •        Room corners
  •        Door and window frames
  •        Inside the oven
  •        Glass cabinets
  •        Kitchen and bathroom tiles
  •        Faucets and shower heads and more.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

In case you don’t want to hire professional cleaners and want to deep clean your home on your own, we’ve compiled a handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Dusting and vacuuming

Start off like you normally would when cleaning, with dusting and vacuuming. However, make sure to get all the out-of-reach places such as light fixtures, cabinet corners, and windows. You will probably need to move some furniture in order to reach these places.

Cabinets and Drawers

Make sure to empty all the drawers and cabinets before cleaning, then use a damp cloth to wipe all the surfaces clean. Use the vacuum to get rid of any remaining dust.

Chairs and Couches

Remove any cushions and covers and vacuum your couch thoroughly. Focus on places where snack leftovers, pet hair and other debris tend to gather. Clean behind and under the couch too.


Carpet cleaning is essential to any deep house cleaning project. Make sure to clean all dust and spots in the carpet.


Another thing you are likely to forget binds tend to gather a lot of dust and debris. Wipe them with a vinegar solution until the dirt is gone.


You can also use vinegar to get rid of the persistent hard water stains on the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom.


Again, the vinegar solution is a powerful ally when cleaning the microwave, sink, the oven, fridge, cabinets, and the freezer. Make sure to unplug all the appliances that might hurt you while you clean.


Wash the shower curtains if you haven’t in a while. Thoroughly scrub the toilet, the shower and the area where you keep your toiletries.

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