Paver Driveways Are The Next Big Home Design Trend – Here’s Why!


Concrete pavers are versatile, durable and sophisticated, which has made them more than a match for classic materials commonly used for driveways such as poured concrete, gravel and asphalt. Not only are paver driveways more durable, but they can also help you increase the curb appeal of your home and add a sophisticated touch to any home exterior.

What makes them very popular with homeowners is that they require very little maintenance, so if they weren’t so striking people wouldn’t even know they were there. They are very resistant to rain, as they effortlessly drain the water.

We spoke to the experts at Pacific Dreamscapes to learn more about what makes paver driveways one of the hottest home design trends in 2019.

Concrete Is Highly Durable

It is a well-known fact that concrete is extremely durable. Concrete pavers are made to be even stronger than regular poured concrete. They are very resistant to the damage from UV rays, can withstand extremely low and high temperatures, support a constant stream of vehicles and still maintain their appeal.

Concrete pavers rarely crack, fade or split. The only maintenance you will have to provide is to eliminate weed and touch-up on their surface. Very rarely will you have to replace a settled paver. Even in those cases, the changes you make are never visible, as pavers are very easy to replace. Its durability and low-maintenance quality make concrete pavers an incredible long-term investment.

Interlocking Patterns Give Additional Durability and Appeal

Concrete pavers are created so that they interlock, making them even more durable as they move along with the earth as it expands and contracts over time. Unlike pavers, concrete slabs aren’t as flexible and tend to crack over time for the exact same reason.

The pavers are created so they interlock, and the movement of the earth does not affect them. They are unlikely to shift or sink. Additionally, you can freely plough or shovel snow off the pavers without worrying you’ll damage them in the process.

They Allow For Various Designs

Due to the variety of designs of the pavers, your ordinary driveway can become an eye-catching exterior element. Using different paver sizes can create a randomized design ideal for modern homes while using two patterns is ideal for traditional homes. Using a single paver pattern can help you create an illusion of a bigger driveway.

Combine Accents For Different Effects

Driveways can be a great focal point of the exterior, but they shouldn’t take away from other elements of your home. You can do this by adding captivating accents on the pavers, used sporadically so that they match the landscape, the home patio and the overall exterior of your home.

You can use the borders of the pavers to create different patterns such as diamonds, circles or spirals. They can help you break the monotony and add some personality to your driveway.

You can even use different colours or shades of the paver to create patterns on the driveway. Interlocking different pavers can add more depth to your driveway and allows for almost infinite combinations. We recommend choosing shades that match the exterior of your home for maximum effect.

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