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We are glad that you are interested in writing for high street property.co.uk. We can’t wait to have you on board!

Here at highstreetproperty.co.uk, we are always open to contributions from experts who can provide quality content for our readers on the topics we cover. We are a property website that covers a wide range of topics in the property sector. Our readers include homeowners, tenants, students, or anyone else that might have a reason to learn about property or home improvement.

What kind of writers are we looking for?

If you work or have worked in the real estate and related industries, then we would love to have you share your expertise with our readers. Are you a homeowner or investor who would like to share your experience with our readers? Are you a tenant who wants to share some insightful tips on getting the best of your relationship with your landlord? Or are you a DIY guru who would like to share your newest trick for improving your home and garden? If you fit into one or all of these categories, then you will most likely make a good fit for our website. Look around and check the topics we have done in the past to see the areas we cover.

What kind of posts do we expect?

First and foremost, we place quality above all else. We want to provide our readers with the best information and insights out there, so whatever we publish on the website has to be accurate, insightful, and beneficial. The topics we cover include:

  • Guides and advice for those looking to buy property, including first time buyers and buyers intending to expand their portfolio.
  • Guides and advice for those who are looking to sell their properties, including first time sellers and experienced investors.
  • Articles for different interest groups interested in renting, including landlords and tenants. Topics in this category will include buy-to-let, property management, industrial, office, high street, and in demand areas.
  • Luxury properties and celebrity homes.
  • Home and garden projects including DIY interior design and more.
  • Property advice covering topics like development property, legal, financing, and conveyancing.
  • Property trends, from the latest house prices to trending locations.

These are most of the topics that we cover but certainly not all. We are open to new ideas as long as they’ll appeal to our audience.

A few simple rules

We only have a few rules to guide the submissions that we get in order to maintain a reasonable level of quality:

  • Content must be completely original and not duplicated content that has been taken from somewhere else.
  • Content must be free of grammatical errors.
  • Content must quote accurate figures, where applicable.

Blatant sales pitches are not acceptable.

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